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Although astrology has been used throughout the ages, the major exposure was during the much publicized Ronald Reagan era. This has greatly increased it's popularity.

Each of Kelly's lectures are tailored to fit the personality and interest of the group. No prior knowledge or understanding of astrology is necessary to benefit from and enjoy the presentations.

There are many topics available. The following are samples of a few of the most requested presentations.

"How To Gain The Leading Edge And Be In Control Of Your Life Through The Use Of Astrology"

Have you ever wondered why some days are more productive or seem to flow more easily than others? Through the understanding of the daily phases of the moon, we can get the most productivity from each day. The new and the full moon have significant effects on our emotions and attitudes about life. Kelly will discuss this and much more as she entertains your group with stories about the various astrological cycles that can be used to get and keep the leading edge and be in control of their lives.

"Understanding And Improving Family, Personal And Business Relationships"

Through this entertaining and informative presentation, your group will learn about the various sun signs and how they interact with each other. Kelly incorporates some real life examples in a lighthearted, comical manner that everyone will enjoy.

"Astrological Cycles And Trends"

This subject appears to be of personal interest to many. After all, who wouldn't want to know how to best take advantage of life's surprises and opportunities? In this presentation, Kelly will explain the various cycles and trends for each sun sign for the current or coming year.

Kelly is also available to do astrological readings at conventions and parties.

October 12, 2018

Full Moon Best Use Of Lunar Cycle

October 12, 2018

Timing Is Everything