Not All Roses for Leos

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August 3, 2014
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August 6, 2014

Not All Roses for Leos



Every beautiful rose has its thorns. Unfortunately, there is a thorny aspect to the jubilant, optimistic, philosophic, altruistic, ambitious cycle that my Leo friends are enjoying as the good-tempered energy of Jupiter is beginning its twelve-month journey though their sun sign.

It’s nothing you can’t handle, but nevertheless, it should be discussed. Saturn, the tester and teacher has been making a challenging aspect to your sun sign since late 2012. Challenging Saturn aspects make us stronger and more resilient. It’s a time when you want to pay particular attention to your health and streamline your life. If you are feeling some resistance to the request to streamline your life, this Saturn aspect could be a good thing for you. It will keep you from over-doing, over-spending and over-indulging. You could become even more motivated. I’ve seen people who were born with this aspect accomplish a great deal in their life, which is exactly what you can use this cycle to do.

Those who were born July 23rd – Aug. 9th, have already experienced and hopefully benefited from Saturn’s restrictions and lessons. Those who were born Aug. 10th through 23rd are just beginning to feel the structure and discipline that Saturn can bring and will continue to provide until late Dec. 2014. Fortunately, you will be able to deal with whatever challenges or opportunities come your way since Jupiter, the guardian angel, will be watching over you for the next twelve months. Not that our guardian angel doesn’t always watch over us, it’s just that Leos are getting a little extra special attention during this cycle.

In the meantime, let’s not forget that Mars, the energizer bunny, is traveling with Saturn in Scorpio and is giving the Saturn energy a little boost. Mars will catch up with Saturn, the disciplinarian, on Aug. 25th for a couple of days, there by energizing and motivating my Leo friends. This is a time when you could accomplish a great deal.

Enjoy your journey,

Kelly Lowe, Astrological Counselor and Author

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