Saturn in Sagittarius

My Sagittarius friends are no doubt already beginning to feel their shift in energy.  Saturn brings rewards, discipline, structure and organization into your life. There could be more responsibility coming your way and/or a promotion at work.  This is a time when you will want to take especially good care of yourself.  Anything that has been ignored could come to the surface. These are just a few of the goodies that Saturn could have in store for you over the next 2 years. This is a time in your life when you can build a good solid foundation.

The last time Saturn traveled through Sagittarius was December 1985 – November 1988. You may be able to relate back to that time in your life and recall what was going on. Since this is 29 year cycle that repeats itself you could conceivably identify a similarity, but not necessarily in the exact same way. The situations will obviously be different as you are 29 years older and in a much different place in your life.

Saturn is the tester and the teacher so when it travels through your sun sign you are tested. When you are young this can be a maturing cycle, a time when you learn to take on responsibility, as you grow older you can call upon experience from the past. I believe we appreciate Saturn more as we get older.

One thing is for certain, wherever Saturn is traveling through your chart, you are learning something. Not sure where Saturn is in your chart? It might be a good time to schedule an appointment to get a perspective on how you can best take advantage.

For more information about how Saturn is impacting your life, Kelly is available for private phone consultations.

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