Astrology is an awareness tool that can help you
better understand yourself and those around you.

Your Natal Astrology Chart is a powerful tool to help you know yourself and the purpose for your life journey.

Benefits of a Complete Astrologically Consultation Package:

  • Validation of your strengths, gifts, and talents as well as help with the challenges you face as you continue through the various cycles in your life.
  • A clearer picture of your goals and a better understanding of how to achieve them.
  • A new and different in-depth perspective that will help you determine the best time to handle important cross roads in your life and a better understanding of how you can achieve them.
  • A better understanding of the various aspects of your personality as well as your family dynamics and other personal relationships.
  • A clearer appreciation of your intellectual talents and emotional make up.
  • Insight in your current romantic relationship or information and timing about a potential new or desired relationship.
  • Timing and opportunities regarding your financial potential, investments, job or career.
  • A better understand of your personality as well as your family dynamics and other personal relationships.

***Prior to your appointment I will need your date, place and time of birth according to your birth certificate or documented source.
I prepare and study all charts in advance.

Allow approx. 24 hours. Kelly will email you to set up your appointment once payment is received through PayPal or you can contact Kelly to pay by phone.



Astrologer Kelly Lowe takes an unusual and welcome approach to exploring the celestial arts in An Astrologer’s Journey. Written in the first person as the story of how she got into astrology and what she ‘s learned along the way, this tale takes the reader behind the scenes of the astrological community, while explaining many of the most interesting astrological principles. A few pages introduce the language of astrology, and then her story begins with her first astrology reading, an event that changed her life. After you read the section on the Jupiter connection, you’ll want to compare the position of your Sun Jupiter on your partner’s Sun Jupiter. This combination –one person’s Jupiter on the other’s Sun–is like having a Guardian Angel. It’s a magical connection that enhances your personal and professional life, so that you often feel uplifted and motivated when this person is around.
Gems like this pop up throughout the narrative, so bring a highlighter with you when you read this marvelously entertaining and illuminating journal.”

Chris Lorenz - Dell Horoscope

Dear Kelly: Thank you for the excellent advice on timing. We put our house on the market, had one offer on March 1, and closed the sale and purchase of the little Alsacian house today. My house passed inspection, appraisal, and the VA loan beautifully, and sold for $10,000 under asking price, giving me a very generous profit after purchasing the other house. It was quite smooth. Thank you for your help. I’ve been pretty stressed about the move which is tomorrow- birthday- Monday, but delighted! Fondly,

Garda T. Dallas, TX