Solar Eclipse, Sun Sign Forecast

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Scorpio @ 7:50 AM EST

November 3, 2013 –   This is an excellent time to initiate a new project or make a new beginning.  Since this new moon is in Scorpio, emotions and feelings will be very strong.   Decisions will be made based on an emotional and intuitive level.   This is a time when we may want to retreat and keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves.

Although the eclipse takes place on November 3rd, we can begin to feel the effects up to thirty days  prior to it and six months following.  This forecast is not just for the day of the eclipse.

Aries – Your areas of focus will be geared toward your finances and investments. You will want to reassess your assets and liabilities.  You may want to take a second look at your insurance coverage, or make changes in your policy.  You could receive an inheritance or have to deal with joint finances.  You may choose to apply for a loan or pay off a loan during this cycle.  Which ever the case, be assured that your finances will be taking a priority for you.

Taurus – Relationship issues will be prominent on your agenda.  This is perhaps where it will be most important for you to allow yourself to be flexible.  This can be a very positive cycle for you if used correctly. If you are in a business you could attract more clients.  Your areas of focus will be geared toward one-on-one communications and relationships.  If there is stress in your marriage or a relationship, business or personal, you will need to work on it during this cycle.

Gemini  You will most likely experience a change in your daily routine, not that you are a routine type of person or one that resists change. You actually relish the thought or opportunity for change.  The changes in your work environment that you have been expecting or waiting for may soon take place.  You will want to be sure to take care of your health, check ups, physicals, diet, exercise are all important for you during this cycle.

Cancer – This should be a very creative cycle for you.  It’s a time when you will want to have fun.  Let the child in you come out and play.  You could have more interaction with a child or children.  If you have been wanting to begin a creative project this would be the ideal time to do so. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism is traveling through your sun sign until July of 2014, which should give you a very positive and bright outlook.  Although you will want to be careful about adding those few extra pounds.  You will continue to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude with a positive outcome to most endeavors that you choose to take on.

Leo– Your areas of focus will be geared toward finding a balance between travel and your family/home life.  This will be a very busy cycle for you with many new opportunities coming your way.  You may need to make some adjustments in your home.  Someone could be moving in or out.  Or you could move or remodel. 

Virgo – Your areas of focus will be geared toward education and travel.  You may decide to take up a new course of study or interest or continue with one that you have already started.  There may be more interaction with your siblings.  You will want to make sure your automobile is properly maintained. 

Libra – Your areas of focus will be geared toward re-evaluating your values and what is really important to you.  This can be from a monetary or non-monetary point of view.  You will want to take a look at your total financial picture and make certain that you are organized and where you want to be.  This can be a financially productive cycle for you, or it can be a case of money in and money out.

Scorpio  Since this eclipse is taking place in your Sun sign it should be a very busy and active cycle for you.  This is time for you to take charge of yourself.  You may be motivated to try something new.  You may change your appearance, i.e. hair color, the way you dress, your weight.  Saturn is also traveling through your Sun sign which has probably already brought you some added responsibility. This can be a year of major changes for you.  The closer the Nov. 3rd  solar eclipse falls to your birthday the more significant it will be for you.  This could be a year of tremendous growth … a year that you could be tested.

Sagittarius Your areas of focus will be geared toward helping others.  You may find yourself in more of a supportive role than being in the forefront. You may be called upon to help or take care of someone.  You may have to visit someone or be in the hospital for a procedure. You may find yourself wanting to be more introspective and reclusive.

Capricorn  – Your areas of focus will be geared toward your social life. You may become more active and involved in clubs and organizations and take an active role, such as being elected to the board.  This is also when you will want to get in touch with your hopes and goals and dreams and wishes.  Your friends will become more important to you and play a more active role in your life during this cycle.

Aquarius – Your areas of focus will be geared toward your career and public image.  You could possibly get a promotion or take on more responsibilities at work.  You could be called upon to do more work with the public, or you could receive recognition for something that you have done. 

Pisces – Your areas of focus will be geared toward your spiritual and mental development, which is where you will gain your strength.  This is an excellent time to develop your intuition and higher consciousness. There may be an opportunity for you to expand your education through traditional or non traditional avenues.  Travel may become more available or important to you as opportunities may arise.

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Kelly Lowe, Astrological Consultant & Author of “An Astrologer’s Journey”

Note:  Kelly can help you plan and prepare for your future. Learn more about your relationships, career, the best place or places for you to live, love, work and play.

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