Sun Sign Forecast for Aug. 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse

Keep in mind that this eclipse has a 6 month shelf life. So let the fun begin.

Wherever Leo is in your chart is where you have the power to create, to make things happen by using your will. Leo is a fixed, determined, fire sign, goal-oriented with all of the ingredients that are needed for success.

If you have had your chart done and you know your rising sign, which is determined by your exact time and place of birth, you should read the forecast for your sun sign and rising sign. If you do not know your rising sign refer to your sun sign which will still be very helpful and informative.

Astrology is an incredible tool to help us tell a story and understand what is going on around us.

Wherever the eclipse in Leo is taking place in your life is where you will want to follow your heart, play, expand, and be willing to take a risk. This eclipse will bring out the creativity in all of us in our own unique way.

Sun Sign Forecast

If you are an Aries or have Aries rising you will find happiness through letting the child in you come out and play, by being more creative and falling in love with life. Appreciate, enjoy, and love every day.

If you are a Taurus or have Taurus rising you will find happiness through getting in touch with your roots and what is inherent to you. Your sense of security will be in your home and family.

If you are a Gemini or have Gemini rising you will find happiness in your ability to communicate and express yourself. Share your ideas. You are a wealth of information.

If you are a Cancer or have Cancer rising you will find happiness through establishing your values. How much money do you need to make you feel secure? What are your talents? Realize that you have a lot of good stuff in your pocket for you to enjoy.

If you are a Leo or have Leo rising this is your time to shine! You will find happiness through your self expression. This eclipse is all about you and who you are. Be the best that you can be and enjoy life.

If you are a Virgo or have a Virgo rising you will find happiness in being supportive. You will be recognized and appreciated for all that you do behind the scenes.

If you are a Libra or have Libra rising you will find happiness through your friends and social structure, through entertaining and social functions. Become involved in clubs and/or organizations.

If you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio rising you will find happiness through being noticed and getting attention for what you do. The world is going to recognize you as you will become more interactive with the public.

If you are a Sagittarius or have Sagittarius rising you will find happiness through travel and education. You will enjoy and want to see the world and learn from your travels. Your mind is like a sponge right now.

If you are a Capricorn or have Capricorn rising you will find happiness through restructuring your investments and making corrections or adjustments in your joint assets and investments.

If you are an Aquarius or have Aquarius rising you will find happiness through your relationships and interaction with a partner or spouse. This will be an especially busy time for you if you counsel others.

If you are a Pisces or have Pisces rising you will find happiness though your work. Your job is your stage and your source of gratification and recognition.

For more in-depth information about how the eclipse is impacting your life, Kelly is available for a private consultation over the phone.

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