Sun Sign Forecast for July 12, 2018 Solar Eclipse

Sun Sign Forecast: The July 12th eclipse and you

So how will this eclipse affect you in your personal life? My forecast is intended to help you direct your energy in a positive light and take advantage of opportunities that come your way in love, money, career, developing your creativity, or spending more time with your family. Where does your focus lie during this cycle? It has been my experience that the effects of an eclipse cycle last from six months to a year. However, in some cases we may begin to feel the impact up to 30 days prior, depending upon how strongly it is impacting our chart.

This information will resonate with you, depending upon the sign that your sun, moon or ascendant are in. For example, if you are a Capricorn sun sign with a Taurus moon and Sagittarius on your ascendant, you should read the forecast for each of those signs. If you are not sure of your ascendant or moon sign, please feel free to contact me.


Aries: March 21 – April 20 – assertive, pioneering, independent, competitive, aggressive and courageous   

This eclipse cycle will bring attention or focus on your home and family. You will want to connect or reconnect with this area of your life. You may want to spend more time at home enjoying your space.

You will want to get in touch with your roots and foundation. You could personally move or have someone move in or out of your home. This cycle often times can bring about changes in the home environment. A parent or parents may require more of your time and attention.

The Mars retrograde cycle will bring your attention to evaluating your goals and what is important to you.


Taurus: April 21 – May 20 – prosperous, patient, steadfast, conservative, materialistic, sensual and dependable   

It may be time for you to schedule a check up on your automobile, or if you’ve been thinking of getting a new car you may be more motivated during this lunar cycle. There could also be some changes in your neighborhood, maybe road work or construction in the area. Of course, this should not surprise you with Uranus traveling through your sun sign.

You could have more interaction with your siblings, or perhaps find yourself on the road taking more short trips. There is a focus on communications such as writing, reading, and speaking. You may find yourself more involved in activities that require more of your mental acuity. Uranus may bring an ingenious idea to you.

The Mars retrograde cycle will  give you an opportunity to be introspective about your public image and how you interact with the public, the business world and your profession.


Gemini: May 21 – June 20 – communicative, literary, versatile, adaptable, intellectual, friendly and curious

This is a time when you may take a look at your life and make a decision as to what is really important to you. Not just from a monetary standpoint. What are your true values? You may need to reorganize and reevaluate your finances. This can be a money in/money out cycle for you.

The Mars retrograde cycle will give you an opportunity to be introspective about your beliefs and philosophies. You may also want to re-evaluate your travel plans.


Cancer: June 21 – July 20 – nurturing, receptive, cautious, reserved, sensitive, maternal and hospitable

The July 12th solar eclipse will be very personal to you as it will be in your sun sign. This is when you will especially want to plant your seeds of intention for that which you would like to manifest into your life. You should be feeling very inspired and motivated during this eclipse cycle.

You will want to take charge and be in charge of yourself. You may change your hairstyle and your personal appearance in some manner.

The Mars retrograde cycle will give you an opportunity to reassess your joint finances, insurance and investments.


Leo: July 21 – August 20 – charismatic, commanding, generous, ambitious, optimistic, entertaining, romantic, creative and playful

Although you normally enjoy the spotlight and being the entertainer, this is a more introspective cycle for you where you could enjoy more private and alone time. You may be called upon to help someone or visit someone in the hospital.

This is a great time for you to direct your focus on activities that deal with working behind the scenes. You could use this lunar energy to work on your spiritual and mental development, which is where you will gain your strength. It is also an excellent time to work on developing your intuition and higher consciousness.

The Mars retrograde cycle will give you an opportunity to reassess your interactions with other people; a spouse, partner and/or working with other people.


Virgo: August 21 – September 20 – analytical, witty, studious, methodical, skeptical, critical, altruistic, logical and sensual

You will want to get in touch with your goals, your hopes and dreams and wishes. What is really important to you and what would you like to let go of? You could find yourself becoming involved as a volunteer in your favorite organization and helping the less fortunate and/or becoming more involved in a social organization.


Libra: September 21 – October 20 – diplomatic, persuasive, tactful, intriguing, indecisive, charming and artistic

There is a focus on your professional life and public image. This a great time to focus on and initiate something new in this area of your life. Perhaps a new job or a new facet to your existing career.

If you are still active in the business world you may need to find a balance between your home and professional life. Although you are drawn to spend more time dealing with home and family situations, the energy that you put into your work and career schedule can be very rewarding during this lunar cycle.


Scorpio: October 21 – November 20 – passionate, secretive, penetrating, intellectual, investigative, private and honest

Pack your bags. You could very well be taking a trip or trips with the onset and following this eclipse cycle. So make sure your passport is current. You could be traveling for fun or education, or maybe both. If you have been thinking about taking an educational course this would be a great time to do so. Also, if there are any pending legal matters, they could come to light and be settled during this cycle.


Sagittarius: November 21 – December 20 – jovial, progressive, philosophical, frank, zealous, optimistic and witty

This  eclipse will bring focus to your joint finances, investments, insurance and taxes.  It’s all about your values and finances. This is a great time for you to re-evaluate your values and what is most important to you. This may be from a monetary or non-monetary point of view. Your finances could become important, perhaps a lot of cash flow, money in, money out situations.

You may have to reassess your insurance coverage or look for another carrier. Joint finances could come up for discussion along with joint values if you are in a relationship. There could be an inheritance coming your way or money from another source other than your job. Tax planning and investment may be a priority for you during this time.


Capricorn: December 21 – January 20 – authoritarian, laborious, forceful, scrupulous, enterprising, practical, realistic, and thrifty

Relations and personal growth are a focus for you. This is a time for you to focus on partnerships, marriage and one-on-one interaction with other people during this cycle. If you are married, your marriage will require more attention. This could be a stressful cycle in your marriage. Or it could be a time for you to reconnect with your partner. If you are not married, but in a relationship, you may be considering marriage. Interaction with others will be very important for you. You could even form a business partnership of some sort. There is more of a focus for you to work with others and not be singular in your activities during this cycle.

If you are in a business that provides counseling or other services, you will probably be very busy. You may embark in a new partnership.


Aquarius: January 21 – February 20 – inventive, intellectual, diplomatic, independent, original, imitative, rebellious, and humanitarian

Take time to refurbish and nourish your body and soul. There will be a focus on matters of your health, work routine and/or day to day activities during this eclipse cycle. You may find yourself having to deal with changes in your daily routine or work environment. Any health-related issues that you have been putting off will need to be attended to at this time. It is a good time to schedule a physical and begin a healthy diet and exercise program if you have not already done so.


Pisces: February 20 – March 21 – intuitive, compassionate, introspective, clairvoyant, sensitive and altruistic

Romance could be in the air for you with this eclipse cycle. This is a very creative cycle for you and when you will want to have fun. So be sure to allow and make time for it. It is when you will want to let the child in you come out to play. If you have children or grandchildren you may be having more interaction with them, or if they live far away, you will be hearing from them. This is a wonderful time to work on those creative projects and perhaps combine or incorporate them with your profession.

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