Sun Sign Forecast for September 2013

It’s fun and frolic for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius as Venus, the planet of love and romance will be complimenting their sign until Sept. 10th.  Then it will be Scorpios turn to enjoy this pleasant cycle until Oct. 8th,  when Venus will be accompanying their Sun sign. Venus will make you look and feel good.  So take this opportunity to put your best foot forward and get out there and be noticed.  Don’t sit home waiting for someone to knock on your door.

Libras will also have Mercury accompanying their Sun from Sept. 9 – 29.  So they will want to take advantage of this mental infusion and focus on those tedious projects that they have been putting off.  Oh, I’m sorry, did I imply that a Libra would procrastinate?  

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are still enjoying the benefic, expansive reign of Jupiter as he is influencing their sign.  But, those Scorpios who were born Oct. 28th-  Nov. 1st are probably feeling more responsibility then enjoyment until later this year.  

Jupiter will be traveling through Cancer until the summer of 2014 giving the water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio a nice boost.  You’ve paid your dues and now it is time for you to enjoy your rewards. 

Although I will add that Pisces, like Virgos, will need to remember to keep their feet on the ground.  Be careful of medications, drugs, and alcohol as there may be an over reaction.

Leos will be feeling the impact and energy of Mars until Oct. 15th.  Mars is noted for his impatience and impetuous behavior.  So you may want to slow down and avoid a train wreck. 

Capricorns are continuing their cycle of empowerment and transformation.  So they can enjoy and take advantage of their accomplishments.  They may find themselves to be very driven and motivated.  They may choose to change their personal appearance, i.e.  hair style or color, style of dress or an elective surgery.

And then there is Aries.  I know, they are not used to being last, but I thought I would mix it up a bit this month.  If your birthday falls between March 29th – April 1st you can continue to expect the unexpected until 2014.  Fortunately, you are able to react quickly and change gears in mid stream.  In fact you actually thrive on the excitement, never a dull moment.  Enjoy this unique creative cycle. You could come up with some very different and inventive ideas. 

Those Aries who were born before March 29th…  you already had your turn.  Aries after April 1st…. your turn will come next year.

Taurus are still feeling Saturn’s influence of responsibility.  But since they are tried and true and responsible by nature, this shouldn’t be too challenging a cycle for them. 

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Kelly Lowe, Astrological Consultant & Author of “An Astrologer’s Journey”

Note:  Kelly can help you plan and prepare for your future. Learn more about your relationships, career, the best place or places for you to live, love work and play.

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