No Surgery on full or new moon

When they tried to schedule my husband’s caner surgery for April 15th I immediately said, “can we do it any sooner then that”.  I wasn’t shy about letting the scheduler know that I was a professional astrologer and the full moon is not a desirable time to have surgery. In fact I devoted  several chapters in my book, “An Astrologer’ Journey” to the lunar cycle and how to select the best days to achieve your desired results.  Timing is everything.  I work with clients all of the time to help pick the best days for surgery, taking a trip, gambling, starting a new business, going for an interview or anything that can be timed

When I was talking with the scheduler I told her that there tends to be more bleeding and swelling and other unanticipated problems during the full and new moon. In fact it’s best to try to avoid surgery a few days before and after the full moon.  We were able to schedule his surgery for April 8th, the week before the full moon.  This would not have been my first choice,  due to the sign that the moon will be travel through that day, but there is a sense of urgency about this particular surgery.  If I had my druthers I’d wait until May or June.  But in this case I don’t have the luxury of waiting that long.

Now if  you’re in an emergency situation and you require an immediate operation to fix something or save your life, that’s a different story.  But if at all possible it’s best to avoid the full or new moon for a surgical procedure, especially if it is eclipsed.

This is a perfect example of some of the problems that can occur when the timing is not right. Several months ago my aunt was scheduled for open heart surgery, on a full moon. I was concerned when she told me the date.  But since she lives in CA and I live in FL, I was not with her when she scheduled it and by the time I found out it was too late to change.  As it turned out, on the day of the surgery they had her all prepped and sedated, but when the final blood work came back they found that her sodium was too low and they had to scrub the surgery.  Needless to say I was very relieved when I found out.  She later told me that she had heard the nurse say that this was the second surgery that had to be scrubbed that day. Of course my aunt said she immediately thought about me when her surgery was scrubbed. She couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

After my husband recovers from his surgery, I’ll be having surgery on my leg that I injured in January when I slipped on a wet tile floor.  Although this is not an elective surgery I do have the luxary and time to select a optimum astrological date.  I will diffidently be waiting until after the eclipses this month.

If you are looking for a good date to schedule surgery, take a trip, gamble, start a new business, or go for an interview contact me today.

 Kelly Lowe, Astrological Consultant & Author of “An Astrologer’s Journey”

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