Venus Retrograde, Love and Money

This is a time to think about what is really important in your life and what is not. It is a time when your values can become more clear to you. Sometimes we are so busy we just don’t take the time to appreciate these things. When Venus stations retrograde, which it does approximately every 18 months, it brings our values, our relationships, and our finances into focus.

On March 4th, Venus, the planet that rules love, money and our values is stationing retrograde until April 15th. So it’s all about love and money until April 15th. The term retrograde means that the planet is moving in an apparent backward motion and therefore it is not operating at full speed. It’s like a recharging mode or cycle.

This is when we want to slow down and take a second look at these areas of our life. You will want to take a long hard look at what is really important. You may find that you are more financially conservative and more attentive to your bank balance. It is also a time when you may want to meet with your financial planner to re-evaluate your finances.

And of course, this particular Venus retrograde cycle just happens to fall into tax season. How handy is that? If you haven’t already prepared your paper work for your accountant you will certainly be motivated and inspired to do it now.

As for the love part of this retrograde cycle… If you are in a relationship that is not fulfilling, you may find that has become more obvious. This is the time to work on improving it or making any necessary adjustments and changes.

This is also a time when a past love or lover could come calling again. Or you may be wishing for him or her to come calling again. Be careful what you think about. As Ernest Holmes wrote in his book “thoughts are things.”

I invite you to enjoy this Venus retrograde cycle and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Re-evaluate the areas of your life that deal with love, money and your core values.

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Sending you love, light and laughter (especially “love”) during this retrograde cycle.

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