What’s ahead for you in 2023

Mercury will station direct on January 18th – There’s still time to clean out those closets and drawers, Re-organize and re-think, re-process re-visit….. Let’s hold off on making any major decisions or signing important documents until Mercury goes direct if we then if  you can.

Jupiter in Aries – If you are an Aries sun sign or have planets in Aries, you will resonate with this energy. Jupiter, the guardian angel, and benefactor is traveling through Aries this year until April 16th. You will have a new moon in Aries on March 21st. I encourage you to take advantage of the first quarter of this year to move full steam ahead. Set your intentions, start your projects. Last year may not have been the greatest year for you, but 2023 will make up for it. Carpe diem. The sky is the limit for you. Enjoy!

Sagittarius and Leos will also be a recipient of the Jupiter in Aries transit as it will be trining your Sun.

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo will want to continue to stay on their toes as Uranus is traveling Taurus. Expect the unexpected and prepare for the changes.

Pluto in  Aquarius March 23rd – Pluto, the transformer, and regenerator will be leaving Capricorn on March 23rd and visiting Aquarius until June 11th. Those who were born with their Sun, Moon or personal planets in Aquarius may begin to feel a transition, where you begin to move to new goals, awareness, and self-expression. Then Pluto will return to Capricorn on June 12th giving Capricorns more time to work on their transition until January 2024. So take a deep breath Capricorns and smell the roses.

Mars will station direct in Gemini on January 12th – Time to move forward. Results and conclusions will come more easily. Your patience will be rewarded.

Venus will station retrograde in Leo July 22nd – Sept. 3rd – Re-visit your values and relationships. Loves and relationships from the past may resurface.

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